Getting Started

The following is useful information to getting started with the HELICS co-simulation library.


Basic introduction to HELICS language, installation instructions and anything else you need to get started.

» Installation
» Terminology
» Base Example Co-Simulation
» Try HELICS online

User Guide

A user guide for HELICS. This assumes a familiarity with general programming concepts, and some familiarity with domain tools.

» Co-simulation Overview
» Key Concepts
» Co-Simulation Stages
» Co-Simulation Timing Configuration

Want to know more?

» Looking for tutorials/code snippets? Check out our HELICS Examples Repository.
» Looking for videos? Check out HELICS Tutorials playlist section.
» Want to ask a question? Come find us on gitter and get in touch. We also have regular office hours where we answer questions and help with debugging.
» Have a feature request or bug report? Want to make a contribution or provide feedback? All development is open source and publically available, check out the sources over at our GitHub organization.